Andrea Glover, LCSW, PMH-C

“Many Women experience their first problems with depression or anxiety in their adult years during pregnancy, the postpartum period, or menopause. Some have problematic premenstrual mood symptoms. If previous life traumas and stressors have shifted the biochemistry, these profound hormonal events can be the final blow that pushes the system into disruption. In fact, hormonal events are powerful enough on their own to thrust the brain biochemistry into dysregulation.” (Sichel and Driscoll, Women’s Moods)

“You are not alone. You are not to blame. With help, you will be well.” (Postpartum Support International)

Andrea has been a licensed clinical social worker for over two decades, and holds licenses in New York, Connecticut, and California. Andrea holds a certification in perinatal mental health (PSI#9503) and is passionate about working with women throughout the lifespan. Having over two decades of clinical experience, Andrea provides psychotherapy, psychoeducation, coaching and consultation to adults, older adolescents, and families in individual sessions and in groups.

Andrea’s clinical areas of focus over her career includes perinatal mood and anxiety disorders with a specialty in perinatal bipolar disorder, supporting birthing parents/partners through their reproductive journey, healing from miscarriages, contemplating and engaging in fertility services, women’s health, mood dysregulation secondary to hormone shifts, support for those with a severely mentally ill family member, chronic illness, anxiety, substance use, depression, worry, grief, life transitions, relationship, and family concerns.

As a therapist, Andrea will take your lead and start where you are at. Andrea works diligently to understand each client, and employs elements of interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and harm reduction to create an approach that best suits the individual(s) she is working with. Andrea will work with you to address your immediate concerns, while at the same time laying the foundation for increased personal growth, greater authenticity, and an enhanced capacity for joy. Andrea views psychotherapy as a joint venture, working collaboratively to reach your goals. Andrea’s style is direct, transparent, positive, warm, and interactive. Within the clinical relationship, Andrea will work to create the safety needed to explore the issues that underlie mood dysregulation.

Andrea received her master’s degree from San Francisco State University and practiced in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than two decades before relocating the New York. Andrea’s experience includes hospital and emergency room based medical social work, outpatient psychiatric social work, developing and implementing comprehensive individual and group-based programming for individuals with bipolar and psychotic spectrum disorders, coordinating and facilitating teen violence prevention and empowerment workshops, and providing psychotherapy within for-profit and non-profit settings.

Andrea is a member of the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers, the National Association of Social workers, and Postpartum Support International where Andrea currently leads a perinatal bipolar support group.