Welcome to my practice. My name is Ilana Rosenberg, Ph.D., PMH-C and I am a clinical psychologist.

 I work with adults, children and adolescents. Areas of specialty in my practice include: anxiety, depression, loss, adjustment, relationship issues and mindfulness training. Feeling safe and understood is so important for men and women in psychotherapy. It creates the ability to take the steps to transform your life.

Using an empathic, strength based approach that is designed to help you to feel better and make positive changes in your life is the essence of my work. My goals as a therapist are to help people feel less alone, to feel safe with and able to accept and transform their emotions and to acknowledge their strengths. Mindfulness techniques and strength based care/positive psychology are an essential part of my practice.

With adults and teens, I incorporate the use of empathy, mindfulness and attention to feelings in the body in addition to understanding the root causes of feelings. My work with children uses both play therapy and concrete behavioral strategies. While adults and teens express themselves best through talking, children express themselves best through play.

You will find that my practice uses an integrative approach to therapy, tailoring psychotherapy to your unique personality and needs.

The techniques that I use in therapy include: an experiential model of therapy  based on feeling safe and being able to connect with emotions called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP); Mindfulness and mindfulness based cognitive strategies and a strengths based approach.

Background Information
Ilana Rosenberg has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Derner Institute at Adelphi University and 20 years of experience working with patients

Dr. Rosenberg wrote a dissertation entitled “Adults’ Attachment Styles and Reported Childhood and Current Fearfulness.” She trained clinically at Harvard Medical School focusing on mindfulness training with young adults with mental illness; at Kings County Hospital Center focusing on psychodynamic play therapy with children; and at Adelphi University’s Center for Psychological Services, NYU Psychoanalytic Institute, and Bellevue Hospital working with adults.

Dr. Rosenberg is the president of the clinical division of the Westchester County Psychological Association.